Brazilian Luxury Wax

Nails are important too


We work exclusively with wax produced totally in Brazil. Composed of 80% honey, our wax is gentler to the skin providing a quicker and more efficient waxing method, with much less pain on the application

We are the only waxing spa in Liverpool that works with natural Brazilian wax on all areas of the body and our formulation of wax allows us to work on large areas all at once.

Our unique formulation of wax and technique allows us to offer the least painful waxing method available on the beauty market today and as such is longer lasting.

Our method is longer lasting than others because we are able to remove more hair roots. With traditional forms of waxing, a large proportion of hairs actually break off leaving the root behind.

Since our wax is applied at a lukewarm temperature and contains honey, the pores surrounding the hair are opened allowing smoother, less painful and more efficient removal of the root. With regular treatment over time, the roots of your hair will weaken and the hair will grow slower and more fine upon each waxing treatment.